Musical Mentors

I overheard Silas making a fake phone call to our friends Megan Smith and Sam Misner (of the band Misner and Smith) today on his fake cell phone.  During the conversation he sang them the chorus and one verse of Bob Marley’s 3 Little Birds.

While attempting to complete the final exam for one of my school courses today using an online test software I appeased Silas by playing a youtube video of Misner and Smith (Megan and Sam) in a small corner of the computer screen.  He ran in and out of the room and played around me while listening assidiuously and keeping careful watch on the screen.  With only 1 question left to go for me in the final, Silas inadvertently stepped on the computer cord and unplugged the computer.  To say I was devestated by my loss of work is an understatement, but I found humor in the fact that my two year old son could only roll around on the bed moaning and declaring impatiently “Not Piccolo Pete!”  “No, not Megan and Sam yet.”  “Want Piccolo Pete!” for the 10 minutes it took me to re-boot.  The upsurdity of having to find the music video before I could find out if I’d lost all the work I’d done on the final was not lost on me.